Mom’s Touch receives Commendation Award for its contribution to protect social minorities


Mom’sTouch receives Commendation Award for its contribution to protect socialminorities

-Undisclosed Awards ceremony held on 23rd Gangdong Police Station,recognized for collaborative promotion of ‘finger print pre-registrationsystem’ as a measure to protect the socially vulnerable.  

- Estimated effect to beraising awareness to more than One Million Mom’s Touch consumers on monthlyaverage.

Photo = Mom’s Touch Tray Cover printed with Campaign toprevent Disappearance cases


(2021.03.23) Mom’s Touch will be receiving Commendation award forits contribution to protect the socially vulnerable on the coming 23rd.


Mom’sTouch has been credited for its efforts on collaborating with the Police on the‘Prevention of disappearance cases’ Campaign since the beginning of the year.The awards ceremony will be held privately at Gangdong Police Stationconsidering the Covid-19 circumstance.


The‘Prevention of disappearance cases‘ Campaign helps to shed light on tens and thousands of disappearancecases concerning children, Alzheimer’s patients and those with intellectualdisabilities. The campaign also encourages participation and awareness of‘pre-registration of fingerprint’ system to prevent and solve any disappearanceof the socially vulnerable personnel.


Mom’s Touch has printed the PR messagein its packaging and tray covers that are sent out to all 1,314 Mom’s Touchoutlets(based on 2020.12)in Korea. The notification also has a QR codethat automatically directs the user to the Police’s ‘Safety Dream App’ thatenables pre-registration of finger print to prevent disappearance of a familymember. The App also features functions to register or look up any missingpeople.

The idea of printing on widely availablematerial enables exposure to more than One Million consumers monthly, and wasevaluated highly for its practicality in raiding awareness of the system.


Anofficial of Mom’s Touch was quoted as saying “We will continue to participatein various activities to play a part in protecting the underprivileged, andmake every effort we can to make a better community.”


Onthe other hand, ‘fingerprint pre-registration’ system records physicalfeatures(finger print, photos, etc) of children under the age of 18, those whoare intellectually disabled and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as guardian’sinformation in the Police backend system for accurate and quickidentification.  <End>